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Viv Craske

Viv Craske

MD at mySupermarket

Entrepreneurial FoodTech evangelist.

UK Managing Director at mySupermarket Business Solutions: Creating a joined up solution for FMCG brands wanting to drive e-commerce sales.

Author of Surviving Digital Disruption: The 7-Step Digital Marketing Strategy To Futureproof Your Brand On The High Street And Online – available from Amazon here:

Host of Super Future Food: the podcast that meets the scientists, foodies and Silicon Valley superheroes to discuss how we’ll be eating, cooking and thinking about food in the near future…

I’ve always been fascinated by being part of big shifts on the intersect of humanity and technology. That’s why I chose to study biochemistry in the 90s and went on to shape club culture and dance music popularity at Mixmag. Technology can both help brands sell more, but also affect the biggest change in how humans see the world since the birth of language. That’s the excitement that drives me: to be a small part of a very big, very important thing.