Tina Woods - Disruption Summit Europe

Tina Woods

Founder & CEO, Collider Health

Tina is founder of Collider Health, a health innovation catalyst that works with organisations of all shapes and sizes to think and do differently and transform health with meaningful impact.

Tina is chair of Future Health Collective , a multi-disciplinary, cross-industry group geared to foster collaboration and radical innovation in areas of unmet need in health and social care.

Tina is an ecosystem architect and builds collaborative networks to help corporates, start-ups, third sector and investors form strategic partnerships and facilitate smart investment- for long term, sustainable impact. She has established relationships with leading incubators, accelerators, investors, digital health start-ups, clinical innovators and tech corporates. Tina is currently helping to build the AI ecosystem for the NHS as an adviser to the Digital and Artificial Intelligence Innovation National Network .

She is a partner with the D/SRUPTION Hub, with a special interest in how developments in other industry sectors, such as financial services, insurance and education, are driving the changes we are seeing in health, particularly in relation to consumer attitudes and the data economy.

Before founding Collider Health Tina spent many years in the agency world, helping big pharma, medical devices and diagnostics companies educate doctors and create awareness around new treatments.

Alongside her commercial work, Tina also runs a social enterprise, ColliderSCIENCE, to inspire your people in science and technology and equip them with the creative skills for the future. She sits on the Gender Equality, Diversity and Education Committee of Imperial College Department of Computing, and is involved in Imperial’s national ‘Women in Computer Science’ initiative to encourage more teen girls to study maths and take up careers in computer and data sciences at a time when the UK aspires to be a global leader in artificial intelligence and other critical technologies.