StJohn Deakins - Disruption Summit Europe

StJohn Deakins

CEO & Founder, CitizenMe

StJohn is CEO & founder of CitizenMe, tackling the biggest challenge in the Information Age: ensuring that humans connected to the internet are empowered as full participants and sharing in its value, as digital citizens. Personal data has meaning and value to everyone, but there is an absence of digital tools to help people, brands and organisations visualise it, cooperate and realise its value. CitizenMe is working to fix that.

A serial entrepreneur, StJohn has a considerable depth of experience creating successful, high growth digital businesses, and advising traditional businesses on digital and mobile innovation which delight customers and drive bottom line growth.

StJohn ‘got’ the Internet’s potential to improve our everyday lives when he helped put Lloyd’s List, the world’s oldest daily newspaper, online in 1995. In the late 90’s, his multi-award winning team at developed the first British Airways online booking system and its global Internet presence. In 2000 he coined and developed the concept of ‘Multiple Digital Channels’ in a strategy paper on the future of Mobile for the T-Mobile UK board.

StJohn spent over a decade based out of Singapore from where he worked to advance mobile data services in the emerging markets of South and East Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and South America. This culminated in the creation of a distributed mobile multimedia platform company, 3ple-media. In late 2010 he sold 3ple-media, to US firm NewNet. StJohn subsequently advised on the acquisition of the NSN Wimax business unit by NewNet, and produced the acclaimed crowdsourced indie documentary Twittamentary. He provides formal and informal advisory to a number of start-ups.

StJohn is passionate about the Internet’s potential to improve our everyday lives and the need to create tools that empower digital citizens, making the Internet work better for all.