StJohn Deakins - Disruption Summit Europe

StJohn Deakins

Founder & CEO, CitizenMe

StJohn is CEO of citizenme, the identity control service that’s working to help us all take back ownership of our digital selves.  He is a successful serial Internet entrepreneur, digital visionary, mobile evangelist, and documentary producer.


Ever since helping to put Lloyd’s List, the world’s oldest daily newspaper, on-line in 1995, StJohn has been passionate about the Internet’s potential to improve our everyday lives.  His multi-award winning team at developed the first British Airways booking system and global Internet presence. In 2000 he coined the term ‘Multiple Digital Channels’ in a strategic paper on the future of Mobile for the T-Mobile UK board.  StJohn has recently returned to London after spending 12 years living in Singapore from where he worked to advance mobile data services in the emerging markets of Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and South America. In late 2010 he sold his mobile multimedia platform company, 3ple-media, to a US private equity firm.  StJohn subsequently advised on the acquisition of the NSN Wimax business unit by SkyView, and produced the acclaimed crowd sourced documentary Twittamentary. He provides formal and informal advisory to a number of start-ups including Distrify, the innovative internet movie distribution platform.


He’s a pragmatic Internet utopian, fascinated by the impact of new technology on human interaction and development.