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Priya Lakhani is the Founder CEO of CENTURY Tech, an artificially intelligent learning platform for teachers and students. CENTURY, which launched in October 2015 and has been available globally from September 2016, uses artificially intelligent technology to provide a personalised learning journey to students on a content agnostic platform, and offers real-time insights and predictive analytics to educators.

Priya started her career as a barrister, specialising in libel, privacy and reporting restrictions for the press including representing a newspaper in the House of Lords at the age of 25. In 2008, Priya successfully launched a FMCG business and launched products into nationwide supermarket chains and independent retailers. Passionate about CSR and incorporating a ONE=ONE model, the company’s charitable arm provided millions of meals and 35,000 vaccinations to the underprivileged.

Priya has been a member of the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills’ Entrepreneurs’ Forum, an advisory board member to several educational/skills organisations, including a founding entrepreneur of Gazelle Group Colleges. Priya authored childrens’ book, Zarin’s Perfect World, which was published in 2014 and was awarded Business Entrepreneur of the Year by the Chancellor in 2009 and Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 2014. More recently, Priya has established herself as a thought leader in the area of education, which has led to keynotes at the Association of colleges, BETT global education conference and the Corsham Institute at St George’s House.