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Laura Turkington

Global Innovation & Business Development Senior Manager, Vodafone

Laura drives the global innovation agenda across Vodafone supporting a wide range of internal stakeholders and managing an external eco-system of partners ranging from start-ups to academia. Laura is responsible for the recently launched ‘Vodafone Dig’ – a live search for the latest and greatest start-ups which can help Vodafone accelerate its digital transformation journey. Laura has held a number of senior positions in Vodafone; developing Vodafone’s current global sustainable business strategy, and building and implementing a new social investment strategy in Tanzania, setting up its charitable foundation in India and developing the company’s award winning corporate responsibility strategy in Ireland.

With a background in law, Laura’s colourful career of nearly 20 years has encompassed fusing social purpose with commercial activities, fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in start-ups and new ventures, and forging relationships across government, business and NGO communities in Europe, Asia and Africa. Along the way, Laura has found time along to way to climb mountains, help conserve the ocean in the Philippines, and ride a rickshaw around India to raise money and awareness for women’s empowerment.