Keith Dear - Disruption Summit Europe

Keith Dear

Wing Commander (RAF) & DPhil Candidate in Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford.

Wing Commander Keith Dear is an RAF intelligence officer, Chief of the Air Staff’s Fellow and DPhil candidate at Oxford University’s Department of Experimental Psychology.  He is co-executive producer and expert consultant to the Royal United Services Institute’s Artificial Intelligence & the Future Programme. His professional experience is in Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) analysing human behaviours and systems in the UK, with the United States Air Force and on multiple operations overseas.  In 2011 he was awarded King’s College London’s O’Dwyer-Russell prize for the highest MAs for his studies in Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism, focused on the efficacy of leadership targeting. He is a founding member and co-lead of the Defence Entrepreneurs’ Forum (UK) and founder and CEO of Airbridge Aviation, a not-for-profit start-up dedicated to delivering humanitarian aid by cargo drone principally focused on the Syrian sieges.  Prior to commencing his current research at Oxford he was member of the UK’s cross-Government Counter-ISIL Task Force and headed the targeting cell at the UK’s Permanent Joint Headquarters. His current studies examine the effect of surveillance on behaviour.