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Dominic Pride

Dominic Pride

Founder and Instigator, Upstart

Dominic is the founder and Instigator of Upstart, a unit taking a new approach to strategy.

As he puts it: “It’s the lovechild from when design thinking had a one night stand with the Lean Startup.” His team and network helps companies of all sizes to shorten the timelines for creating strategies and putting them into action. It’s a way of connecting thinking to acting, which he says is relevant to today’s disrupted times. These days you’ll find him working on how disruption is rewiring the health and wellness landscapes, though he’s a refugee from digital media and the music business. Starting his career as a journalist, his terminal curiosity led him into the world of portals in the 90s with World Online and VIzzavi. Spells in telco-land at Vodafone and Orange Group led to liberation as he joined a tiny startup called Shazam. After two years scaling across every app store going, the definitive music recognition app became a household name and is now a British startup success story.

Today he works across pharma, startups and government, and has a unique perspective on disruptive innovation and business models and is fascinated by how society and business and our minds are being rewired at speed by the impact of technology. He’s also a paid-up Linkybrain


Twitter @dominic_upstart