David Holloway - Disruption Summit Europe

David Holloway


David has been a community education and youth arts facilitator for over 25 years. In 1989 he curated the first Graffiti exhibitions in the UK at Whitechapel and South London Art galleries. In 1993 David established Tolerance in Diversity (TiD), winner of the Stop Racism 2000 International Award.
David was part of the team that developed the Tower Hamlets Summer University, which was rolled out nationally in 1998 as Summer Education UK. He developed two Millennium Award Schemes, helping 196 young people to develop and sustain community projects across the UK.

He is currently involved, as the founder, in the Ideas Foundation Trust which is developing the Ideas College, a Creative & Media Alternative Provision Free School in London.  The school is aimed at young people 14-16, excluded from mainstream education, a current Government priority area. David’s new idea is Learning Without Barriers, a research based, cost free, local, peer learning, self-qualifying study project.

In January 2000 David was awarded the OBE and has an MA in Applied Anthropology.