Alexis Monks - Disruption Summit Europe

Alexis Monks

Software Engineer, PA Consulting

Alexis is a software engineer at PA Consulting, where she’s worked with everything from the latest mobile apps to FTSE 100 companies.

She’s also an active member of Code First: Girls, organising and teaching courses to professional women looking to enter a career in technology. The organisation also named Alexis in its 25 “Ones to Watch” 2017, which highlights women under 30 who are making an impact in technology and entrepreneurship.

Alexis is a STEM ambassador, supporting students at PA’s Raspberry Pi competition, which inspires the next generation of innovators, and showing the opportunities of developing a STEM-based career during PA’s Springboard work experience programme, which gives unique opportunities to disadvantaged children.

She began advocating for careers in STEM at Bristol University, where she was the President of the Computer Science Society and Women in Engineering Society, and organised a lecture series on How women are changing the world with engineering. She was involved in communities such as Women’s Tech Hub Bristol and Girl Geek Dinners, and taught workshops in digimakers.