Re-Imagining Education and Future Talent

Is our education system working? How do we find the Rough Diamonds and entrepreneurs that are not necessarily Oxbridge educated. David Holloway will discuss his plans for a Creative Free School called Ideas College, Gi Fernando discusses how Freeformers are changing the large organisations and educating a young person at the same time, in this digital transformative world. Sulaiman Khan speaks about educating people, to see through disabilities and develop new abilities that the world will benefit from and Sereena Abbassi will share her experiences in trying to create a fairer and more understood world. This is our passion to make education work for our future generations and give back. Come to our purpose room and be part of our Re-imagining Education & Future Talent panel. Come along to share your views. No powerpoint slides, just pure conversation with people that care and are making a difference
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