Healthy Ageing and the Longevity Economy in the ‘100 Year Life’

Forget technology. The growing ageing demographic is fast becoming the biggest force in disruption, not just for business but for society, work, play and life in general. Advances in healthcare have helped us live longer and longevity research is booming with the prospect of extending the human lifespan more promising every day. However, the real goal is to live healthier, longer lives, not just increase our time. And this is the hard part, but also the one with the most potential for disruption.

This panel will present the latest scientific developments and socioeconomic research that show the promise and potential of a longer healthspan- and that today’s 75-year olds are not any older than 65-year olds from 1970s.   The panel will explore why we need to turn the conversation from the negative ‘ageing demographic time bomb’ to a more positive narrative around ‘longevity dividend’.  How can we invest in longevity for wider social good?  How can we make the UK the best place in the world to grow old in?

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