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Disruption Summit Europe arrives in London on 5th September

The new event for business and digital leaders is curated by D/SRUPTION magazine and brings together 50 leading speakers on innovation, disruptive business models and digital transformation, from a wide range of industries.


If you are a regular reader of D/SRUPTION you will know that we provide wide ranging analysis and insight into disruptive business models and technologies – with a sharp focus on practical applications today. With so many exciting developments it is easy to become side tracked into future gazing. But we aim to be not only the comprehensive resource for information on emerging threats to established business, but also to inspire and empower immediate innovation.

We are therefore thrilled to be able to take this practical approach a step further by curating the first of a new type of event – Disruption Summit Europe, in partnership with PA Consulting held in London on the 5th September 2017.

The  summit will give business leaders the opportunity to hear from over 50 industry leading experts, entrepreneurs and investors from a wide range of sectors. They will discuss dealing with and initiating disruption, scaling innovation and navigating transformation. The additional interactive elements will include an Innovation Lab where you can get hands on with new technologies, and an exhibition showcase of disruptive startups and innovative technology providers.

Rob Prevett, Founder and CEO of D/SRUPTION magazine recognises the need for a new type of event for enterprises in which senior executives along with their senior digital, marketing and technology colleagues can deepen their understanding of how to transform their businesses and scale innovation in order to stay relevant in the 21st century.


Disruption is happening across every sector and it’s happening right now. From Chatbots and Artificial Intelligence, through to Robotics and the Internet of Things, technology is driving a huge paradigm shift that many established organisations are failing to grasp.

At Disruption Summit Europe we’re bringing together the entrepreneurs, innovators and influencers disrupting the business world, together with live demonstrations of some truly innovative emerging technologies. Delegates will return to their organisations inspired with exciting, practical ideas and action to ensure they become the ‘Disruptor’ rather than the ‘Disrupted’

Rob Prevett, Founder and CEO  D/SRUPTION and Disruption Summit Europe

For further information or to discuss sponsorship and exhibiting option please contact media@disruptionhub.com